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This process is amazing, proving fast and long lasting results.

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Guided by Spirit, Dawn developed an effective powerful energy shifting modality that really works! Bring your body, your stuck energy, and friends.

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Dawn is practiced in use of the Ancient Mayan Medicine Wheel-Of-Life with her readings offering much insight into what is ahead for you as well as what is holding you back. Dawn is a gifted natural psychic-medium and Numerology Practitioner. This woman sees right through you like a window and can clearly answer any questions. She was great, I went in just looking for general guidance and even though it took me till the drive home to realize who she was seeing watch over me she was very accurate on what he was like. I only had a 15 minute session and she was quick to explain my reading so that I could have a proper reading in 15 minutes.

Minimum certification as an NLP Practitioner is required. All participants will be screened by The Empowerment Partnership prior to admission.

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What will we achieve in 30 Minutes?

Just letting you know how I am doing in Jamaica with Quit. I have at least one client scheduled every week. Last Thursday, I had a writer as a client. It is almost a week and he continues to do very well.

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He wrote this editorial three days after his session. I am getting some other island-wide publicity from a radio show I did on resolutions in January. A man who smoked for 35 years was on with me and he wanted to quit and had tried several things over the years.

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He too is doing very well and has been a nonsmoker since the second week in January. We are scheduled to go back on with his follow up.

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Nicholas and Dr. Thank you to everyone for truly making this an enjoyable experience I will never forget in my 29 years of existence in this world! Matthew B.