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Especially around the festive season, with Christmas gifts on show, make even more of an effort to block the view into your house. If you leave your handbag near the front door, then you might also be vulnerable to having that pinched in the same way.

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But getting a caged box to sit inside the letterbox will prevent this, Michael advises. The other trick burglars have to protect themselves once in the house is dropping the catch on the front door, so you can no longer fit your key in the door.

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They even checked if I wanted to go ahead with it because they were concerned about what the dogs might do in defence of the house. When I was in, I slid down the bannister and jumped straight on to the kitchen worktop. The dogs came running but I used a long-handle brush to open the fridge, knocked out two sausages on to the floor, and then used the brush to stroke the dogs and talk to them while they were eating.

The dogs, within five minutes, were my best friends. At the end, the last thing you see me doing is carrying the two dogs out, putting them in the car and taking them with me.

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  • Christmas Beauty Food Slow cooker meals Books. Type keyword s to search. Looking for escape routes should the cops come. Motion sensing lights? Usually kept in an outdated safe by an owner who hardly knew how to use it let alone be able to control nerves from affecting things like trigger control or aligning their sights. You could always sell a gun for more cash as jewels or a laptop if you has the right connections.

    I never tried neighborhoods with an active watch, usually meant any targets had a good relationship with the cops and any calls would be handled with a lot more care. Drug dealers were a natural target for home invasion if you had the confidence. Crowbar open the door and put the main occupant on their ass.

    A big deterrent I found is dogs, open spaces, and how active the closest road is at night. There was one place me and a few friends had a night at that had absolutely no one driving on the road past 11 dirt road in a small town and trees completely surrounding the property. No big bushes in front of windows where someone could hide. Thorned bushes are always good for under windows, if you keep them close enough. Better to just get the real thing.

    Remember any security footage could possibly be obtained and used against you if something goes down. If you do shady things, cameras could be a bad idea. Dead bolt locks on all exterior doors. Get a cheap tv. Like a shitty CRT 13 inch that nobody wants. Put it in a cabinet or wall unit type thing, so you can close the door to hide it when guests come over.

    Put it on a timer to stay on until very late, and set a light timer in a bedroom to come on when it goes off. Install vertical blinds on a window across from the tv.


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    Vertical blinds are great, because you can angle them for a very limited view, so the house looks less closed up and more inhabited. Anyway, in this case, angle the blinds so you can clearly see the shit tv, but nothing else in the room. Set volume so you can just barely hear it outside. This does two things: the light and sound make it seem like someone could be home. If the cash register was out of date, so was their camera system.

    It also helps to hit the places that hire felons fast food joints, video stores, etc. Have an alarm sign in front yard. Alarm stickers on windows. Barking dog. This is very important to realize. A dog is another big plus. Missing person Family worried as American man, 50, goes missing from Donnybrook If you have any information about Mark please contact Donnybrook Garda Station on 01 Liverpool FC 'Inspirational' Sean Cox hailed by Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp in match programme notes ahead of Manchester City clash The brave dad-of-three and his family are guests of the club today at the game.

    Jobs Christmas Jobs in Dublin: Argos are looking for staff ahead of the busy festive period There is also the opportunity to stay on after the season is over.

    Burglar stole security camera that live-streamed his break-in to victim

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