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More on Genius. What have the artists said about the song? Release Date September 7, Only Death is Real Stray from the Path. The Opening Move. Loudest in the Room. Goodnight Alt-Right.

“Death always wins.”

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The House Always Wins. Only Death is Real. There was a time in my life when my friends joked that in my brain at all times murmured an upbeat Disney song because of my ingrained positivity and hope, the belief that good will always win versus evil, the glass is always half full, we can always make a positive difference, and on and on and on and on.

But today my brain hears the voice, calm, firm, reassuring, confident: death always wins. Death is a fascinating presence.

Death Always Wins

There are times, however, when it is always present, perhaps in our gut, in our fears, surrounding us or those around us. Death stands waiting knowing his turn will come eventually.

We can cheat death, taunt death, gamble with death, avert death, stare death in the eyes. There are times when we wish for death as a savior, a gift, a release from the body imprisoned by disease, illness, or diminished capacity of many varieties.

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Death can be a freedom. We always, always wish for death to be peaceful, painless, and kind. Sometimes it is. Death can be swift and shocking, long and drawn out, life-shatteringly tragic, or breathtakingly beautiful. Death may spring forth like a lightning bolt out of nowhere and terribly efficient.

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But death is still death. Death wins, always.

Let's Play Iratus: Lord of the Dead! Good Always Wins, Ep. 1

Who will be suffering the most? Who is taking charge of the details?

Death Always Wins

What is my role to impact this positively and offer my skills and knowledge to support this transition for all those involved? Keep it together, Girl, coming undone now does no one a service. Help me understand? How can they never come back? Why can I never see them again?