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When we speak of translation in these end-of-days, it is often in the loftiest of tones, as though it were a sacred duty undertaken by devoted adepts prostrating themselves before the altar of language. The self is renounced, the greed for authorship forsworn in service of a greater calling, which is no less than bridging the gaps between the peoples and cultures of the world.

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But only a small minority of translators have the skill, opportunity, and financial security required to take on such labors of love. The rest of us, to earn a living wage, will have to make do with whatever garbage we can get. By garbage I mean any or all of the following: corporate-speak, brand manifestos, NGO reports, think tank reports, letters from government agencies replying to American oil companies, letters from government agencies replying to human rights organizations, prose written by self-professed wunderkinds whose trust funds and unearned self-confidence are paying for the translation, and that vilest genre of all, the art text.

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Lewis Larned Coburn Memorial Collection. The halo effect is a type of cognitive bias in which your initial superficial assessment of a person influences your perception of their other, more ambiguous traits.

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In the name of cultural journalism, I conducted an informal experiment to test this. I posted five different photographs of myself to a website called Photofeeler, which people mostly use for their acting headshots, company photographs, and online dating profiles.

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The photo of mine that was voted the most attractive—my fingers awkwardly crinkled around a wineglass on a terrasse —was the one in which I was voted smartest and most trustworthy. The photograph in which I was deemed ugliest—sitting in a cab—was the one in which I was voted dumbest and least trustworthy.

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In every photograph, my perceived attractiveness determined my perceived trustworthiness and intelligence, traits that, of course, are impossible for anyone to actually know from a picture. They found that people almost uniformly believed that those who they found more attractive on the basis of three small photographs were also more generous and more stable and had better marriages, better jobs, and better families than less attractive people.

A similar study from just a few years ago found that people trust those they consider more attractive significantly more quickly than those they consider less attractive.

Is beauty, therefore, the most useful trait one might have? Remember Me. Elizabeth Hardwick. Illustration by Kristen Radtke. I feel all those who know me will come to know the real me after reading my warts and all tribute to the writer who made such a big difference in my life. I regard Bellow as my soulmate and, like so many, "the optimistic chronicler of our times," for his strong faith in individuals and for his credo in being "for all the good things, against the bad.

I hope my tribute will serve as a vehicle to pass on to my family and readers what penetrated my soul and will equally rub off on them. Have a good read. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Love you too!!!

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    For much of his adult life, Saul Bellow was the most acclaimed novelist in America, For much of his adult life, Saul Bellow was the most acclaimed novelist in America, the winner of, among other awards, the Nobel Prize in Literature, three National Book Awards, and the Pulitzer Prize. The Life of Saul Bellow, by the View Product. In Memoir of a Teenage Love Affair, Christopher Black gives an insightful account of growing up, experiencing life, and discovering one's self. Through humor, curiosity, and intuition, Black writes of his lessons of love and love lost, of family and