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But her exasperation here is also sort of how I feel about the case of the week in general, which takes a lot of odd turns. And it culminates with Annalise giving a speech to an incel about how he should love himself, which is a cheap moment. Who deserves love? How do systems of oppression affect the way people love and find love?

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The episode tackles these questions, but it also digs deep into the hearts of its characters. Asher wonders why people keep leaving him. Gabriel, in a heated moment, suggests that people always leave Michaela because she gets so focused on destruction that she loses sight of the people who are there for her. Join us for a deep dive on this infamous case.

We also talk about the kidnapping itself, the bizarre series of ransom notes, and the tragic conclusion. We also cover popular theories, and the trial of Bruno Richard Hauptman, who many believe was innocent to this day. Annie thought it was about pirates, and when she found it was not, she begged Johanna to cover it on the podcast. Join us for the second and final part of an absolutely harrowing tale of duty, honor and betrayal at sea.

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Join us for an absolutely harrowing tale of duty, honor and betrayal at sea. The quaint Boston suburb was shocked by the violent events of the day, but his worst deeds were yet to be discovered… Join us for this terribly tragic story of madness and murder. In the summer of , a series of shark attacks rocked the busy beaches of the New Jersey shore, where swimmers had previously believed that sharks never attacked people.

Think again. Johanna tells Annie about the cold case that haunted her childhood in Austria.

Echoes of the Aftermath

In 9 year old Gabi was walking home from school and never made it home. Years before Lizzie Borden took an axe, another terrible axe murder shocked the New England coast. This is the story that inspired the book The Weight of Water, by Anita Shreve, and the film that followed. Join us as we tell you the harrowing true tale of murder, greed, and survival, and the devastating, brutal crime on a small, isolated island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Listen to this little teaser episode, where we talk about ourselves, where we are from and how we ended up fascinated by murder, mysteries and the macabre.

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  5. You will also learn why beagles are not dogs, why Annie scares her husband and how we both ended up in prison! Blog at WordPress. Menu Home Shop Contact About. Nov 0. Oct 1. Oct 0. Sep 0.

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    Jun 0. May 0. Apr 0. Mar 0. But the further I got into the case, the more I realized that the relationships were MUCH more complicated than I thought - and the multiple links meant that my colors often overlapped.

    TWO YEARS OF HELL: Harsh new normal for murder victim Rori Hache’s mom | Toronto Sun

    For example, Jennifer rented a house to J. She was dating Justin and knew Casey through work. Jennifer is also a cousin of Nick, who was Danielle's longterm partner and the father of her children.

    In Hell

    Since Nick's parents legally adopted Chris, Chris was more than Rebekah's friend: He was basically part of her extended family. It's a lot. And we've heard several requests from listeners for a way to keep everyone straight.