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The following conditions are evaluated to determine what the final output value that any particular cell within this distance will be.

While descriptions are for the Expand tool, the same principles apply to the Shrink tool. The following are examples of using these tools with their respective Expand method or Shrink method parameters set to the default Morphological option.

Shrink a basic volume | Microsoft Docs

In the image below, the Expand tool is applied to the input raster with zone 5 expanding one cell. Notice that zone 5 expanded into the NoData values at the lower right. In the image below, the Shrink tool is applied to the input raster, so zone 5 shrinks by one cell. Zone 5 is no more than two cells wide in any area; therefore, all cells containing 5 are replaced with the value of highest frequency in its neighborhood.

Shrinking a basic volume

NoData invades two locations at the bottom right, since it is the value of highest frequency to the two locations. In the image below, Shrink is applied to the input raster, so zones 4 and 6 shrink by one cell. In the upper left corner, a value 4 remains, since it is deeper than one cell. Matheron, G.

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Shrink a basic volume

Comparing Expand and Shrink Both tools operate by allowing certain zones to replace cells of other zones. Expand With the Expand tool, the selected zones increase in size by expanding into other zones. Shrink With the Shrink tool, the selected zones shrink, or reduce in size, by cells from other zones expand into them. Default value: 1 Inherited: no Animatable: yes.

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Property flex-shrink Value Description Play it number A number specifying how much the item will shrink relative to the rest of the flexible items. Read about inherit.

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The word shrink is related to the Swedish skrynka meaning "to wrinkle. After a while, it begins to wrinkle or shrink. Clothes washed in hot water tend to shrink, so be wary of the setting on your washing machine. The use of shrink as referring to therapists started as late as the s — with the idea of a psychologist being a "head-shrinker.

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