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Where's the Zombie? Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. The transformation and the destruction of nature often lead to science fiction most potent narratives and most striking imagery. Studying science fiction from an ecocritical standpoint offers a productive, interesting and relevant way to analyze how nature and environments are represented in this genre, while providing insight on the workings of science fiction itself.

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This book offers a survey of science fiction theory and an experiment in ecocriticism; it presents an analysis of the representations of nature and environments in the Rifters Trilogy by Peter Watts, and the novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy. In these novels, nature is in turn hybrid, dying, destroyed, lost, absent and mourned. The film depicts the life in the futuristic and idyllic utopian society where wealthy people live very comfortable lives. Carefree life of one of those citizens - Freder Fredersen, comes to an end when he discovers that below the residences of the wealthy is located an underground world of the poor who work their entire life on maintaining the machinery that makes the Utopian civilization on the ground functioning.

He becomes involved in the attempt of the underground leaders to unite the two societies, bringing equality among two classes. Minority Report is a movie about a dystopian society in the year of in Washington D. The story is about a "Pre-Crime" police force unit, which revolves around three psychics, "Pre-Cogs", with special power to see into the future and predict crimes.

Police manipulates these visions and arrest criminals before the offenses are even committed. He must find a way to prove his innocence, for the thing he has yet to do. Our Daily Bread is American movie. It follows a group of people during the Great Depression who live the city a flee to the country to set up a farming community - a small utopian like society. Macy, Joan Allen, and Jeff Daniels.

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The main protagonist, two teenagers are transported into a black and white TV show called Pleasantville. As they are integrated with the people of Pleasantville community, they slowly brought some new values resulting with red rose growing in this black and white world. Rollerball is cult British-American dystopian movie, based on a short story - "Roller Ball Murder".

In , in corporate-controlled states, rollerball a full-contact violent sport is a substitute for all current sports and warfare. When one of the star athletes refuses to retire, corporations will try everything to take him out, because they see his repetitive success as the strength of individualism. Slaughterhouse-Five is a utopian science fiction film which was adapted from the Kurt Vonnegut's novel of the same name.

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It follows the Billy Pilgrim, a human prisoner on alien planet Tralfamadore, who during the interrogation re-lived the events of his past life especially experiences from World War II. The film is based on Lois Lowry's novel of the same name.

In a seemingly ideal world without pain and suffering, in a society of conformity, a young man spends time with The Giver, an elderly man who teaches him about the "real" world. The Host is American science fiction utopian movie, based on the Stephenie Meyer's book of the same name.

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After an alien invasion of Earth, a young woman, Melanie, bonds with a parasitic alien soul injected into her body and set out to try to help other humans. Lincoln Six-Echo struggles with life in a carefully controlled environment, with a hope that he will win a lottery and be chosen to go "The Island", the last contagion-free place on the Earth.

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The Time Machine is cult American movie, based on the H. Wells novel of the same name. An Englishman from the beginning of the 20th century travels into the far future to find out that humanity has divided into two species - peace loving Eloi and cannibalistic Morlocks. After several strange incidents, Truman starts to question everything. Among the many films of Woody Allen, Sleeper managed to distinguish itself by being one of the funniest comedies he has created in his long career.

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The story of Sleeper follows the adventures of clumpy ordinary man Miles Monroe played by Woody Allen who goes after simple medical procedure finds himself awoken from cryostasis year later. There he starts exploring the weird dystopian world in which oppressive government rules the working class, entering into many misshapes during his struggle to help a small group of anti-government radicals. Things to Come is a British science fiction film, made as a loose adaptation of several novels of famous English science fiction authors H.

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It describes the generational saga of the fictional British city of 'Everytown' and its citizens, who try to rebuild their war-torn city and create new utopian society. To save the world a gifted teenage girl and a former boy-genius embark on the adventure in the technological paradise - Tomorrowland. Your favorite utopian film missing? Perhaps we have classified it as dystopian fiction? Check out our dystopian film list or contact us with your suggestions!

List of Famous Utopian Movies These are some of our favorite utopian movies that depict seemingly perfect societies, usually with a major flaw.